Aquatic Plants

We offer experienced advice and have extensive knowledge in all areas of aquatic planting and Plants.

Recommendations of suitable plants & planting schemes can be given depending on environmental and personal requirements.

Planting is carried out through the year, although the weather conditions dictate what we can plant where and when, this is taken into consideration from the outset.

We offer an extensive range of aquatic plants both home grown and externally sourced. These can be supplied as bare root, plugs, root trainers or potted.

Bur-reedBare-root Water Forget-me-not2 litre potted BullrushCuckoo Flower plugHealthy pond margin

Weed and algae control

Following an on site assessment, the problems and possible causes can be identified. Appropriate control or prevention methods can then be implemented.

If It is not possible to carry out a site visit, weed samples can be sent to us for identification along with photos of the water body and the associated problems caused. From this, we can advise and implement the control and prevention of undesirable plants & weeds.

Traditional methods such as raking cutting and pulling are often used, however other means include the introduction of fish and/or plants, light control and chemical application.

Duckweed and blanket weed, are the two weeds we are contacted about most often. We have a range of treatments and control methods for both of these species.

Contact us to arrange a consultation or to discuss in more detail.

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