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Common Carp For Sale

Mayfly Aquacare  produces and sells its own strain of  stunning  common carp from C2 to C6 (including C3, C4, C5 and upper 20lb, 30lb and 40lb carp) on our  CEFAS  registered site near Lewes in East Sussex.

We have named these common carp the Longreed strain as the broodstock originated  from our specimen carp fishery Longreed that has produced numerous 40lb plus commons.

These are a well proportioned  carp with a fairly long body and large fins.

We also have a small number of sparsely scaled mirror/leather carp for sale.

Growth rates can be in excess of 8lb per year but  a steady 4-5lb  is more the norm.

We choose specific broodstock  for size and shape potential and with the small amount of leather/mirrors  produced we pick lightly scaled parents. 


Carp for Sale Winter 2020.

Check out our  facebook page  for the most up to date photos and real time harvesting, or email  for availability and pictures .

The prices below are our standard please contact us for seasonal deals and discounts.


C2 2 Summers 10 oz – 1.25lb @ £5.75/lb

C3  3 summers Old  3.5lb – 4-5lb @ £7.50/lb 

C4   4 Summers  7-10lb @ £10/lb  

C5 5 Summers 10-16lb @ £15/lb

C6   6 Summers  18-20lb @ £35/lb  

20lb – 24lb @ £35/lb

25lb to 29lb @ £45/lb

30lb to 35lb @ £90/lb

Prices are correct as of January 2020 and plus VAT @ 20%


All carp that Mayfly Aquacare supply come with a current health certificate carried out by independent fish biologists.

Other coarse fish (Roach, Pike, Tench, Perch and Bream) are often available as we undertake the stock management of several waters in the UK. Please contact us for further details.

You are more than welcome to accompany us whenever we are harvesting.

a very small number of sparsely scaled mirror/leather  carp